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Reviews and Testimonials


Hello Brunch!

"I used to be a prisoner of my own home. I was scared to leave the house for fear of publicly breastfeeding because my baby hated the cover I tried using before, I was still exposed and I just had really a lousy time with them. I saw the Love Deklyn nursing cover on Facebook and gave it try as a last resort. I'm back to my old self! I wish I had it sooner! I get to hang out on weekends and have brunch with friends and my husband without worrying about what is going to happen and where I am going to go when I have to breastfeed! Thank you so much. The cover is AMAZING! Serious #Diaperbagessential"

-Valerie (Verified Customer)


"Breastfeeding can be challenging at first but takes determination & Discipline to keep going! it's a lot easier thought when you can comfortably breastfeed your little one in public AND you can look at your little one while feeding. Thank you Love Deklyn for the Nursing cover. I don't leave home without it, it stays in her diaper bag."

-Mo (IG review)


super convenient

"This cover is super convenient. I whip it out and use it anywhere. For any mom wondering which cover they should choose, this was heaven sent. Thank god for the online recommendations. It's light, soft and gets the job done. I even wear it after I'm done. When other moms look at me out in public, I tell them how easy this cover makes breastfeeding and how great it is. This is a must have in your diaper bag!"

-Melissa (verified Customer)


Great Customer Service

"So I reached out to the company because I was kind of nervous about ordering not having seen a video or many other moms using the blanket. The owner literally starting corresponding with me. She assured me that I could get my money back guaranteed if I had an issue or found it hard to use. In good faith, I ordered and I LOVE IT! Seriously, everything you have read on this website about the product is 100% true. I even received a hand written note from the company assuring that if I had any issue they would take care of it. Also the cover is so lightweight and comfortable. My son does NOT overheat under it."

-Stacy (verified customer)


Freedom in a cover

"I wouldn't leave the house after giving birth. Breastfeeding in public was hard, frustrating, nerve wracking. I cried the first time and so did my baby. He because he was hungry and me because I was in a public restroom stall smelling woman parts while breastfeeding. I thought this cant be what the next two years look like for us. I searched online frantically, then I saw a mom recommend it on a what to expect blog. I went from crying tears of sadness to tears of joy. It's honestly the best product that has happened to me postpartum."

-Alissa  (verified Customer)



"LISTEN! If you don't purchase this cover you are doing yourself and YOUR baby a disservice. I'm a STM (second time mom), with my first I bought the popular Milk Snob cover, it worked for my carseat but not for anything else. My son would sweat so much under that thing, and I couldn't move much in it. I couldn't see him, he was fussy while using it, so fussy I quit using it. I swore I would never try another cover because of my experience.

Then came my baby girl in October, at first I didn't have a cover but I also had a 4 year old son who is very active. Needless to say when we went to the park or on playdates I wanted a cover that would at least give me some privacy and a little bit a freedom. When I ordered the Love Deklyn cover I was very skeptical but the reviews and the photos sold me and I've never looked back.

This cover is genius, I am IN LOVE with it. It covers all of my business, stomach, boob, everything. I can see my LO without lifting my head under the cover, the amount of air that flows through because of the adjustability and the peek a boo window are perfect. She doesn't fuss at all. The best part is my daughter can look me directly in the eyes while she's nursing and I can see her. I can literally put her under the cover anywhere and pull out my boob with confidence that im not seen and she isn't hot.

We really love it!"

- Kyra (Verified Customer)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Google review)

"This blanket is amazing! I love that it cover my stomach while feeding so that I’m not completely exposed!! I’ve had every breastfeeding cover and this is by far my fave!"

- Paisley J. (Verified Customer)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Google review)

"From nursing mama to nursing mama, this is the BEST nursing cover I’ve ever owned. I have 3 kids and my youngest is 5 weeks old and I absolutely love the peek a boo window with this nursing cover. The window allows air to flow in and not only can I see my little boy but he can look up and see me as well :-). No more dark enclosed nursing space for him. Thank you Love Deklyn for not only thinking about us mamas but thinking about what’s best for our little ones!!!! Every nursing mama needs a Love Deklyn Nursing cover.
I also have the balm and even though I am not using it for stretch marks, I have been using it on my face as a moisturizer and my skin is looking fabulous and it has a natural glow to it now. Both products are must haves in my opinion."

-Erica W. (Verified Customer)

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