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How long does it take to receive my order? Orders are shipped the next business day. 3-5 days if priority mail was selected. 

What colors are available? There are four colors available. Pastel Pink, Beige, Sunset Blue and Light Gray

What is the garment made of? The garment is made of Rayon and Spandex 

What is the fit of the garment? The Nursing cover is one size fits all, can be worn as a top layer over a shirt or worn just for feeding purposes only. 

It is washer/dryer safe? The cover is machine washable on delicate cycle. However, it is NOT dryer safe. The dryer will shrink the fine fabric. 

How do I start my return or exchange? email us at, subject Exchange or Return and our support team will verify your order. Exchanges will only be processed and approved IF there's manufacturer damage to the garment. You will not receive a refund on worn, used or washed covers. If you decided that the cover is not for you, you must pay for return shipping and your refund will be processed. 

How often should I use the Intensive Belly Balm? You can use Love Deklyn Intensive Belly Balm as often as you want. We recommend at least twice a day to receive desired effects. 

Will you offer more than one size of the balm? Currently, we only offer one size. We plan to make larger and smaller sizes in the future.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we do ship internationally, please we aware of shipping and customs cost to receive your items. 

Why is the cost of shipping so high? We have selected the most inexpensive shipping options available for our customers. However, If your purchase is over $75 and you are purchasing from the United States, you will get free shipping. Code is listed on the home page of our website!