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Welcome To Love Deklyn

Hello and Welcome to Love Deklyn!

I thought I'd give you a brief synopsis on how we got here and what we are about. 

The truth is, Love Deklyn was formed at a Starbucks in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada about two years ago. While having a latte and journaling, I noticed the amount of women entering the coffee hub with infants and young toddlers. Sip after sip, one mom turned into three, turned into four, five and so on. In my five hours of observation, I saw at LEAST 15 new moms. During one of the mother's outting, I noticed that while she was having her brew, she needed to nurse her crying baby. She packed up all of her belongings onto and into her stroller and pushed her crying baby into the ladies restroom. 

Immediately, I thought to myself, what if I could make something for all mama's out there. Something that worked for THEM and the baby, she could feed easily and not have anyone but her have access to the sight of her feeding. She wouldn't have to struggle with one of those unforgiving spandex things or ever have to pack up and leave to feed at another place because she wouldn't need to find privacy she'd already have it, packed in her bag. 

The Love Deklyn Nursing Cover was Born.

After much research, I learned that postpartum has always been and still remains very much about the baby. Most only focus on the child, who you've carried for 10 months and delivered, they don't at all focus on YOU, the mom who is tired, sleep deprived, sore, hormonally imbalanced, still not feeling like herself and most of all unaware that she is about to embark on the hardest yet most gratifying journey of her life. 

The Nursing Cover and the accessories on the site were created for you, with you in mind. With hopes that long after postpartum, you may still enjoy using what we have to offer because we were thinking of you and always will be. 

My content won't always be about #momlife but it will be real, authentic, fun, sometimes depressing, encouraging, inspiring, real life stuff. Want to start a business, I'm here for it and will post about it, anything that I find helpful will make it to the page.  Also, you get to come along this entrepreneurship ride with me. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the ride. As always I'd love your feedback and look forward to seeing you soon! Follow us on IG: @LoveDeklyn

-Love Deklyn

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