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To the mother who is exhausted, tired, depressed and overwhelmed; Am I okay?



          The blog was written for the mom who is feeling exhausted, tired, depressed and overwhelmed. Rarely do we ask ourselves this simple question, "am I okay?" The Meghan Markle video has gone viral and is making a lot of us wonder why no one ask mothers if they are okay.

           However, I’d like to pose a different question, why is it that mother don’t take a moment to ask themselves…

Before you get upset, hear me out.

           Many moms are on autopilot, tired because of the lack of sleep, malnourished, lack of energy, the need to cross 1,000 things off the to-do list with no idea of how they are going to be able to finish all the tasks they need to get done before the days end. 

Some how. (Pause, throws hands in the air) 

          Somehow, they manage to get it done.  This type of day becomes the norm. Exhaustion, early mornings, feedings, dirty diapers, laundry, dinner, not to mention the shower they haven’t taken yet or the personal time a mother needed for JUST 5 mins, FIVE MINUTES!

          Day after day the new, becomes the norm, feelings go unnoticed, mothers’ tire away while giving everything they possess to their family. Take and Take and Take...

          Instead of waiting for someone to ask, are you okay, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask,

Am I okay?

          Now autopilot is the new life. But should it be? Why are we conditioned to give so much and received so little? It is extremely important to remember that support systems are so necessary and SHOULD be taken advantage of if you have them.

          Unfortunately, some of us do not. However, many of us do but don’t utilize the help as if they are going to receive some type of reward for being the most drained mom.

          YES! It is an accomplishment to get things finished, but wouldn’t you feel even better if you had help, were slightly rested and felt glorious at the end of it. 

          Why don’t we send our children over to grandma’s more? Why not take them to daycare for 4 hours even if you are a stay-at-home mom? Why not leave the house for a few hours while our significant others take the lead, wash some clothes or bathe both kids and get them to bed?

          It is NOT an accomplishment when a husband takes the initiative and has both kids bathed and in bed. Why haven’t we made this the standard? (No offense to the significant others that already do it)

          Help doesn’t make you a weak mother! Outreach doesn’t make you incapable! Some times it takes STRENGTH to reach out to others and ask for what you need.


        So Here I am challenging you to have the STRENGTH and the COURAGE ask yourself, “Am I Okay?”

          If you aren’t, THAT'S OKAY! Most moms aren’t, reach out to someone who may be able to help a bit.  Think of a way to get an hour or two to yourself, with a solution you are 100% comfortable with. You may feel MOM GUILT, slightly weird or weak or incapable but I promise it is in fact the opposite and SOMEONE will be honored to give you a hand.

          Lastly, don't forget YOU ARE DOING AN AWESOME JOB MOM!

          Be sure to share this, get involved with our community and #amiokaychallenge other moms friends and if you are able to, be the help you wish you had to someone else. Also, Celeste Yvonne has a Facebook page The Ultimate Mom Challenge in which she offers support and really good mom blogs. Also, Here is the awesome open letter she wrote to her husband that has gone viral.




 P.s. What are some of the ways you decompress and unwind as a mother?


Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

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  • Wow. I’ve actually never asked myself the question. I teared up thinking about how strong I have been for every one but myself. Motherhood is so hard. Thank you for reminding us mother’s that balance is key. No matter how difficult!


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