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8 Things to do during Quarantine

  1. Grab some fresh air

Put on your sneakers/tennis shoes, pack the kids into a stroller or strap them on and go for a walk or jog. The walk will increase your serotonin, yes we are on a shelter in place order however, that doesn’t mean we can’t go outside while social distancing.  The walk will allow you to expend some energy, clear your mind and get your blood flowing! If a walk isn’t enough here are some exercises you can do at home: 11 exercises you can do at home from Albion Fit

  1. Get dressed

Come home AFTER your walk/jog and get dressed. Dress as if you are going for brunch with a girlfriend. When we look good, we feel good, when we feel good, we are happier people.

  1. Schedule a facetime or google hangout with a friend

Get your best gal pal or group of gals on a hangout call. Open up your calendar and schedule a hangout with your friends! Make sure everyone has a glass of wine for the call and enjoy good conversation and good wine!

  1. Set goals & intentions

This is a great time to think about the future and set your intentions for the year. Yes we are in a difficult time and enduring difficult situations however, let shift our focus on creating 5 goals and setting 5 intentions for the rest of 2020. For example, one goal could be working out 3 times a week. Another goal could be prioritizing yourself by doing something you love once a week. You may want to start a business or a side hustle. If you don’t have any goals, brainstorm something will come.

  1. Journal

Now is a good time to reflect. Reflect on your past, reflect on your future. Take time to be grateful for where you are in life and what you have survived. Take the time to close your eyes and appreciate the birds chirping, appreciate having a roof over your head, appreciate having the time to be able to sit and journal. Once you start writing you mind will start to flow! Have fun!!

  1. Read a good book

Where will I find the time? You could find in on the toilet, during a bath, before bed,
 in the morning while having coffee. There is time, you just have to MAKE time. Even if it’s only 10 minutes.

  1. Self-Care D.I.Y’s

There are some great self-care tip D.I.Y’s available. Depending on your vice, whether it be mani-pedi Mani-sets,  spa day at home, a YouTube yoga session Yoga With Adriene classes on YouTube. . Figure out what calms your mind and brings peace to brain. You will be craving your next selfcare day before you know it.

  1. Lastly, Netflix and chill!

35 Feel-Good TV Shows to Watch Right Now Oprah was generous enough to post a list of shows to watch! Dive into a good show, forget our current reality and get lost in someone else’s imagination!

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